Crime Tours

Private Eye on Seattle's True Crime Tours visit different areas of the city covering infamous crimes from Seattle's dark past to the present.

Seattle-It was no audacious heist. While most Seattle residents were happily celebrating George Washington’s birthday with a three-day weekend .... and while local lawmen were occupied at their annual policeman’s ball, thieves calmly blocked off both ends of an alley at 1st & Cherry Streets and set about breaking into the Pioneer Safety Vaults Building.
— J. Kingston Pierce -- The Georgia Straight

Explore the Darker Side of Seattle's Past on Private Eye on Seattle's True Crime Tours

Since 1997, Private Eye on Seattle Tours has explored the historical darker side of Seattle.

The Queen Anne True Crime Tour travels through stately Queen Anne Hill, which also happens to be the site of some of Seattle's sensational crimes, Pioneer Square, Chinatown and Downtown Seattle. Some of Seattle's most notorious crimes are featured during the tour including the city's worse mass murder and the 1995 warehouse arson fire. The tour covers the older sections of the city that are both historic and scenic.

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The Capitol Hill True Crime Tour travels through the Capitol Hill, Madrona  and Madison Park neighborhoods, and ends near Lake Union's houseboats. Each of the neighborhoods are unique, in their own way, and scenic as well. Kurt Cobain and Ted Bundy, the notorious serial murderer, are featured on the tour as well as others not as well known.

Each tour is offered year round by reservation only. Up to date schedules are found on the reservation link. The daytime tours are $30/person plus tax and are 2.5 to 3 hours long. No children under 12 are allowed due to adult subject matter. The tours travel by van with stops that involve minimal walking.

Please call 206 365 3739 for more details.