Spirits of Seattle Ghost Tour

Private Eye on Seattle's Newest Ghost Tour explores the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.


Take a haunted ride of Seattle with Jake --  Winter DVD Special        $23.50 includes shipping & handling


Some haunted sites featured on the Spirits of Seattle Ghost Tour


Spirits of Seattle Ghost Tour

Explore the haunted side of Seattle on Private Eye on Seattle's newest Ghost Tour

Jake, a local ghost enthusiast and member of a paranormal group, takes you on a ghostly ride visiting haunted sites through out metro Seattle. Spirits of Seattle Ghost Tour travels through the historical Capitol Hill neighborhood, trendy Belltown, the Market and Downtown Seattle.


The nouveau riche moved to their stately mansions on Capitol Hill in the early 1900's and the district became one of Seattle's most fashionable areas. It's no surprise that some of those residents decided to remain there long after their deaths.

The Belltown area was known as the Denny regrade where Seattle removed most of its hills and two of its early graveyards. Some Seattle residents were reburied four times!

The Spirits of Seattle Ghost tour lasts 2.5 to 3 hours. Reservations required. No children under 12 allowed due to adult content. Tours are $35 plus tax. Up to date schedules are found on the reservation link.

If making a reservation 3 hours or less before the tour, please call 206 365 3739 for availability. 

Spirits of Seattle Ghost Tour visits these haunted sites and more

  • The Dance hall
  • Old World Hotel
  • The Chapel
  • Burnley
  • The Vicar
  • Presidential Hall
  • Bertha's Place
  • Spectral Soldiers
  • Seattle's Original Cemetery
  • Little Drowned Boy
  • Lady in White
  • Room 1120
  • The unwanted hotel guest
  • Club Victor

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