Haunted Happenings Ghost Tour

Seattle's longest running year round Ghost Tour is now in it's 17th year.

Haunted Happenings Seattle Ghost Tour

Seattle's longest running Ghost Tour is now in its 18th year


Travel with Jake to visit infamous haunted sites in Seattle 

Summer DVD Special -- $20 + $3.50 shipping & handling

Channel 13 toured with Jake on Haunted Happenings Tour


Some of the haunted Seattle sites featured on Haunted Happenings Ghost Tour

Boy does Jake know her stuff or what!~ I have lived off and on in the Seattle area for years and I heard stories and saw areas that I never even knew about! Talk about someone that knows where the bodies are buried LITERALLY! I would really recommend this to anyone that is interested in Seattle History and /or ghosts...
— Member of local paranormal group
Owner and tour guide Jake, of Private Eye on Seattle’s Haunted Happenings Tour, covers nearly the entire city on what is the most unusual Seattle city tour to be found...While shuttling guests to 14 locations, Jake gives an engaging primer on Ghosts.
— NW Travel
..I still feel the chills just thinking about these places!
— member of a local paranormal group

"How long have you been active in the paranormal and what sparked the interest?"   To read   Click here

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, it was the place Seattle residents frequented to have a good time. There were bars. brothels, gambling halls....Things have certainly changed in this neighborhood, but today, if you’re looking for them, you can still run into Georgetown’s past resident’s, including Sarah.
— KOMO News Radio

To read more click here  Seattle's Georgetown haunted history unearthed


Jake, a true Seattle native and member of a Seattle area paranormal group, takes you on a ghostly ride visiting haunted locations throughout Seattle's many neighborhoods while sharing legends and sightings.  The nighttime tour lasts 3 hours with several stops to take photos and explore haunted sites. Tours are $35 plus tax. No children under 12 allowed due to adult subject content. Reservations required.

 Please call 206 365 3739 for more details

Haunted sites visited and stories include:

  • The Elegant Hotel

  • The Mortuary

  • The Market

  • Old Sea Captain

  • The Congressman

  • Gambling Den

  • Poor Farm

  • The Voice

  • The Castle

  • Old Burial Ground

  • The Basketball Player

  • Haunted Theater

  • Notorious Rooming House