Reviews from our guests who have attended one of Private Eye on Seattle's Ghost or True Crime tours


I'm a bit of a tour junkie and have taken most of the guided tours Seattle has to offer. I've now taken three tours by Jake over the past three years and believe she is up there with the best tour guides in Seattle. She picks you up in a white van that is very comfortable and takes you to popular neighborhoods and neighborhoods tourists would not normally go. She has rich and well researched stories and nice pacing. She offers the right balance of local history and ghost/crime gossip. I really enjoy Jake's tours and would recommend to anyone.

Jesse, Jan 20 2013  Tripadvisor

We took a visiting guest on this tour... It was highly entertaining. Jake has a theatrical and fun way of presenting information and she has some good information on real Seattle crime history...Because it is all driving, though, it is a great tour for older visitors. Highly recommended.

Cherie, Yelp  May 5 2012

"The Seattle you never knew"

Wonderful, entertaining and interesting tour!  Jake is extremely knowledgeable and so very nice.  She answered all of our questions and really gave us a view into Seattle that you won't get any where else. We were a first time visitor to Seattle from Australia and a 20+ year resident of Seattle and she really managed to engage us. Highly recommended!!

Cristina  July 17 2013  Tripadvisor

"Fabulous Ghostly Tales & Historic Stories"

Haunted happenings ghost tour in Seattle as told by Jake is absolutely wonderful. Jake is extremely knowledgeable.  You learn Seattle's ghostly history and travel to haunted places,....As a lifelong Seattle resident Jake knows the ghostly past and tells little known facts about the past. The tour is about 3 hours long with several ghostly stops. Jake does not work to the clock but rather takes the time to share her knowledge with you.  It was an enjoyable, interesting tour that everyone needs to experience.

DeeDee  June 4 2013  Tripadvisor

"5 star a great insight to Seattle"

Jake is an excellent tour guide who is informative about the famous and infamous attractions that the Capitol Hill area of Seattle has to offer. She took us to various areas of the neighbourhood and we really saw a different side to Seattle which was a real eye opener for us. We were taken to Kurt Cobains house, Volunteer park and Jimi Hendrix's old school.  All really interesting sites to my husband who loves his music....All in all an  entertaining and informative look around the Capitol hill area and well worth the full price any day.

Scousemcmouse, Manchester  UK  August 4 2012


Thanks so much for a great tour!  My folks have thanked me over and over for taking them and when they visit again they want to take the other tours! It was a great day.

Elaine Feb 5 2011 via email

Thank you so much for the "killer" tour last night Jake! Our group had a phenomenal time.  Educational, intriguing, and just flat out fun!

Ayla  Jan 17 2011 via email

I went on the Seattle Spirit Tour last night and really enjoyed it. The tour around Seattle with Jake was informative and with a nice balance of fun, seriousness, and respect.  I heard a lot that I didn't know, and everything I was aware of she was spot-on about. I liked that she dressed up in a vampire-style costume, too.  All in all an enjoyable evening appropriate for the art on display and the time of year.

Bruce  Oct 22 2010   Frye Museum private tour

"The Mystery tour went so well.  Everyone just loved it.  I think it is a keeper. She was so good --prepared, well-planned, articulate, knowledgeable and personable.  She also incorporated history and landmarks in Seattle which broadened the topic and made it even more interesting."

Poulsbo Senior Center  Mar 20 2010